College Disciplinary Committee is being formed comprising the following Staff Members.

S.NO Name Designation
1. Mr. P. Balakishan, Assoc. Prof., CSE Co-ordinator
2. Mr. R. Venkateshwar Rao, P.D. Co-ordinator
3. Dr. K. Vaishali, HOD-CSE/IT Member
4. . P.V.N. Swamy, HOD. ECE Member
5. Mr. R. Ramesh, HOD-EEE Member
6. Mr. K. Venugopal Rao, Assoc. Prof., ECE Member
7. Mr. T. Rajesh, Asst. Prof., EEE Member
8. Mr. D. Madhava Rao, Asst. Prof., CSE Member
9. Mrs. Ch. Ramadevi, Asst. Prof.in Maths, H&S Member
10. Mr. B. Rajesh, Asst. Prof., ECE Member
11. Mr. J. Rajendar, Asst. Prof. CSE Member
12. Mr. K. Ganesh, Asst. Prof. Mathematics Member
13. Dr. P. Srinivasa Rao, Assoc. Prof. in Physics-H&S Member
14. Mrs. R. Bhagya Rekha, Asst. Prof.-EEE Member

The charges of the Committee are the following:

  • To maintain and enforce strict discipline in the College Campus.

  • To enforce strict dress code among the students. Please note that wearing of Jeans by students is not permitted and anyone found wearing jeans should not be allowed to enter the college.

  • To enforce total prohibition of Cell Phone usage by the students inside the college campus. Please note that Cell Phone is totally prohibited in the College Campus and if any student is found carrying Cell Phone, the Cell Phone needs to be confiscated and returned to the Principal.

  • To monitor the movement of the students in the College and prevent students loitering around in the corridors during the college working hours.

  • To ensure that all the students attend classes without bunking & prevent the students leaving the college early. Please note that no student can leave the college early without prior permission of the higher authorities (Gate pass issued needs to be produced).

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college campus and to ensure that this is being strictly followed.

  • To ensure that students maintain utmost silence in he Library.

  • To maintain proper discipline in the college canteen, student waiting room and the student mess during the college working hours.

  • To assist the college anti-ragging committee in preventing ragging in the college and to spread anti-ragging campaign through out the student community.

Any incident of ragging in the college or outside should be brought to the notice of the Principal with written complaint. The minutes of every meeting should be forwarded to the Principal, without fail.